Here is the Disney Dad You’d Be, Based mostly On Your Enneagram Sort

Disney motion pictures have a manner of capturing our hearts, making us chuckle, and generally making us cry (we’re taking a look at you, Up and Inside Out). At present we’re exploring Disney dads and their distinctive Enneagram sorts. What do you will have in frequent together with your Disney dad? Tell us within the feedback!

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Right here’s the Disney Dad You’d Be, Based mostly On Your Enneagram Sort

Enneagram 1 – Mufasa (The Lion King)

Enneagram 1 is Mufasa

“The whole lot you see – exists collectively in a fragile steadiness. Whereas others seek for what they’ll take, a real king searches for what he may give.” – Mufasa

Mufasa is the proper instance of a wholesome Enneagram One. Centered on responsibility and duty, he leads with humility and beauty. Not like the unhealthy One, Mufasa shows tolerance, even for his snarky youthful brother, Scar. He additionally is aware of learn how to chuckle, play, and chill out. However finally Scar’s focus is on finishing up his duties as king and defending his household. Whereas any Enneagram sort would (hopefully) do that in the identical place, they’d all have totally different flavors of management. Mufasa is affected person, calm, however orderly; he is aware of learn how to implement guidelines and take command with readability and poise.

One other Enneagram One Disney Dad: Mr. Banks (Mary Poppins)

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Enneagram 2- James (Princess and the Frog)

Enneagram 2 is James from The Princess and the Frog

“You realize the factor about good meals? It brings people collectively from all walks of life. It warms them proper up, and it places little smiles on their faces. And after I open up my very own restaurant, I inform you, individuals are gonna strains up for miles round, simply to get a style of my meals.” – James

James completely exemplifies the wholesome Enneagram Two sort. He’s a hardworking, loving father who at all times places his household first. His motto? Do what you possibly can with what you will have, and do it for the nice of others. Regardless of the tough realities of his life in New Orleans, he finds pleasure and gratefulness every time he thinks of his household and their love for him. Enneagram Twos are identified for his or her generosity and James is not any exception. He loves to provide, whether or not it’s his time or the substances in his kitchen, at all times with a concentrate on what would carry achievement to these round him. His love of meals is only one of some ways he enjoys bringing folks collectively and creating concord.

One other Enneagram Two Disney Dad: Gepetto (Pinocchio)

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Enneagram 3 – Mr. Unimaginable (The Incredibles)

Enneagram 3 is Mr Incredible

“Regardless of what number of occasions you save the world, it at all times manages to get again in jeopardy once more. Generally I simply need it to remain saved! You realize, for just a little bit? I really feel just like the maid; I simply cleaned up this mess! Can we preserve it clear for… for ten minutes!” – Mr. Unimaginable

Mr. Unimaginable is the basic Enneagram Three sort. He’s pushed, formidable, and decided to be a hero in his personal proper – with or with out his superhero go well with. Enneagram Threes are sometimes described as hardworking and Mr. Unimaginable meets that expectation completely. It provides him a thrill when he can defeat a villain, clear up an issue, and be the hero of the day. Generally his want to be distinctive will get in the way in which of his relationships or his potential to work as a group. He typically says no to assist and denies the truth that he wants others. Exhibiting any type of vulnerability is tough for him, as it’s for many Threes. A part of Mr. Unimaginable’s development journey is studying to simply accept enter and assist from others, and turning into extra in contact with the assorted feelings that he could tend to repress (like concern of shedding Elastigirl).

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Enneagram 4 – Heinz Doofenshmirtz (Phineas and Ferb)

The Enneagram 4 is Heinz Doofenshmirtz

“I trusted him and he simply solid me apart like a… like… like an outdated newspaper. He didn’t even wrap fish in me.” – Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Beneath all of Heinz Doofenshmirtz’s wacky plans for energy, there’s a wounded baby who was betrayed by his mother and father and raised by ocelots. Enneagram Fours typically really feel like outsiders and wrestle with emotions of being misunderstood. We see this many times with Doofenshmirtz, who finds his place on the planet by science and thru his love/hate relationship together with his nemesis Perry the Platypus. Enneagram Fours even have a deep-rooted want for private freedom, and Doofenshmirtz’s final objective is to interrupt away from the societal guidelines of Danville and create his personal little empire. He could also be misguided in his strategies, however he’s at all times pushed by a want to search out his distinctive place on the planet; his personal id. He’s capable of preserve hope within the face of failure, whereas additionally acknowledging the ache of being rejected by these closest to him.

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Enneagram 5 – Maurice (Magnificence and the Beast)

The Enneagram 5 Disney dad is Maurice from Beauty and the Beast

Belle: “Papa, do you suppose I’m odd?”

Maurice: “My daughter? Odd? The place would you get an concept like that?”

Maurice is the Enneagram 5 sort. He’s a dreamer, an inventor, and a deeply devoted father. Enneagram Fives typically expertise a deep want to know and make sense of the world round them. Maurice loves nothing greater than tinkering away at certainly one of his innovations or being misplaced in his personal analytical ideas. Enneagram Fives can have issue expressing their ideas succinctly, and Maurice reveals this when he tries to elucidate what has occurred to Belle to Gaston and others within the tavern. Whereas many individuals contemplate Maurice unusual or “loony” as Gaston places it, he has a novel potential to suppose outdoors the field, understand prospects, and give you authentic concepts.

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Enneagram 6 – Marlin (Discovering Nemo)

Enneagram 6 Marlin from Finding Nemo

“Now, what’s the one factor we have now to recollect concerning the ocean? It’s not protected. That’s my boy.” – Marlin

Marlin is the lovable over-protective father of the Discovering Nemo movies. He’s anxious, fearful, and at all times ready for the worst-case situation. Enneagram Sixes typically expertise a deep have to really feel protected and safe of their atmosphere and may grow to be overwhelmed with fear when confronted with uncertainty or change. However Marlin’s overprotective nature comes from a spot of affection and devotion. He’ll do no matter it takes to guard Nemo, even when it means venturing out into the ocean himself. Enneagram Sixes at their finest are brave, loyal, and dependable. Marlin teaches us that regardless of how anxious we could really feel within the face of change, there are nonetheless moments the place we will discover braveness to achieve past our consolation zone and struggle for what issues to us.

Different Enneagram Six Disney Dads: Fa Zhou (Mulan), King Triton (The Little Mermaid), Chief Tui (Moana)

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Enneagram 7 – Tramp (Girl and the Tramp)

Enneagram 7 is Tramp from Lady and the Tramp

Girl: “Haven’t you a household?”

Tramp: “One for on daily basis of the week. The purpose is, none of them have me.”

Carefree and impulsive, Tramp exemplifies the Enneagram Seven. Sevens have a powerful want for brand new experiences, freedom, and enjoyable. Tramp is not any exception, as he likes to discover, take dangers, and trigger common mischief. In any scenario he appears to know a trick or two that may assist him get out of a jam. Whether or not he’s convincing a Beaver that Girl’s muzzle is a “log puller” or outwitting the canine pound villains, Tramp has a novel potential to take a look at any drawback and discover artistic options. Enneagram Sevens even have a powerful want for freedom, one thing Tramp embodies as he chooses his personal future and refuses to remain tied all the way down to anyone household for so long as potential.

Different Enneagram Seven Disney Dads: Thomas O’Malley (The Aristocats), Goofy (A Goofy Film), Pongo (101 Dalmations)

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Enneagram 8 – King Fergus (Courageous)

Enneagram 8 is King Fergus from Brave

“I’ll struggle you with my naked fingers!” – King Fergus

Many individuals sort King Fergus as a Seven as a consequence of his boisterous, fun-loving character. However Eights even have a want to get all of the enjoyment they’ll out of life. They sometimes have extra focus than Sevens, and are managed extra by underlying anger than underlying nervousness. Fergus has no drawback being in authority, however generally he will get into brawls too rapidly, forcing Queen Elinor to scrub up his messes. Enneagram Eights are sometimes sturdy, tough-minded leaders who’ve a deep must be revered and brought significantly by these round them. Fergus is not any exception; he could joke round, however finally he takes his position as chief of the clan very significantly. Like most Eights, Fergus is energetic, self-confident, and protecting. However at his worst he will be too impulsive and aggressive, refusing to take heed to anybody else’s opinions or taking motion moderately than utilizing his head.

One other Enneagram Eight Disney Dad: George Darling (Peter Pan)

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Enneagram 9 – The Sultan

Enneagram Nine is the Sultan from Aladdin

“Nicely, am I sultan, or am I sultan? From at the present time forth, the princess shall marry whoever she deems worthy.” – The Sultan

The Sultan from Aladdin is a moderately unhealthy model of an Enneagram 9. Whereas he desires what’s finest for Jasmine and his kingdom, it takes him a very long time to appreciate that he has the authority to enact change. He feels pulled between the assorted needs of the folks in his palace, and will get flustered when folks aren’t getting alongside. To deal with this frustration he finds distractions as an alternative of going through duties head on, one thing unhealthy Nines are apt to do. But whereas The Sultan has his faults, he’s additionally deeply nurturing and sort. He has a beneficiant nature and an open-minded outlook in the direction of others. When he learns that Aladdin is only a homeless boy, The Sultan reveals understanding and a non-judgmental countenance and finally comes to a decision that can permit true like to bloom.

One other Enneagram 9 Disney Dad: Eli LaBouff (The Princess and the Frog)

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