The Myers-Briggs® Persona Sorts of the Winnie the Pooh Characters

So long as I can bear in mind, I’ve all the time liked the Winnie the Pooh books, motion pictures, and tv reveals. They had been my favourite motion pictures as a baby, and I wound up gathering Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals in my teen years that I’ve handed right down to my kids as we speak. One thing in regards to the idyllic setting of the Hundred Acre Wooden and the endearing personalities of the characters felt comforting and sparked my sense of marvel and creativeness.

However what are the persona varieties of the characters? I’ve questioned this lots through the years. As a result of they’re all so, properly….cartoonish and one-sided, it’s a little bit tough to say with certainty. However these are my finest guesses! Be part of me as we enterprise into the 100-acre (“aker”) wooden and meet the beloved characters from A.A. Milne’s traditional books.

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Not each persona kind will likely be represented!

Sadly, not all 16 Myers-Briggs® persona varieties are represented within the Winnie the Pooh tales and flicks. I couldn’t discover any NJ persona varieties, for instance. However I did the most effective I may with the characters I may examine 🙂 Hope you take pleasure in!

Estimated studying time: 16 minutes

The Myers-Briggs® Persona Sorts of the Winnie the Pooh Characters

Christopher Robin – INFP

Christopher Robin INFP

“You’re braver than you imagine, stronger than you appear, and smarter than you assume.” – Christopher Robin

Let’s start with Christopher Robin – the one human character within the bunch and the Winnie the Pooh’s finest pal and ‘therapist.’ Now, I’m not saying he was charging hourly charges, however let’s be actual – he was offering free counseling periods to a bear with a honey dependancy, a clinically depressed donkey, and a tiger with consideration deficit hyperactive dysfunction. Speak about endurance!

Christopher Robin exemplifies the INFP persona kind – the “Dreamer.” He’s soft-hearted, imaginative, and has that tell-tale trait of being the ethical compass in a forest the place let’s be trustworthy, the compass usually factors to ‘Honey’ or horrifying away ‘intruders.’ On high of that, Christopher Robin appears to see into the hearts of his creatures. Clearly, they arrive from his creativeness, however he’s imbued them with flaws; he didn’t make them “good.” As an alternative, he made them imperfect and even troubled in some instances. As an Introverted Feeling kind, he wished his forest associates to have some depth and a profound acceptance for variations. Pooh doesn’t all the time have it simple; he’s afraid he’s not courageous sufficient when Christopher goes away to high school. Rabbit is ceaselessly having his neat backyard destroyed by Tigger’s blunders. Eeyore struggles with emotions of low self-worth. However on the finish of the day these drastically completely different personalities discover a strategy to respect and love one another; flaws and all. This love of flaws and imperfections is one thing that I believe INFPs have a particular present for and it reveals up in spades in Christopher Robin’s remedy, and interpretations of, his associates.

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Winnie the Pooh – ISFP

ISFP Winnie the Pooh

“When you stay to be 100, I hope I stay to be 100 minus sooner or later, in order that I by no means must stay a day with out you.” – Winnie the Pooh

Now let’s waddle over to our chubby little cubby all full of fluff – Winnie the Pooh. Bear in mind the time when Pooh obtained caught in Rabbit’s gap after indulging in an excessive amount of honey? Effectively, that’s Pooh for you, a creature of straightforward pleasures who lives life on a whim, even when it results in, um, expansive conditions. His ISFP persona shines via his love of the straightforward pleasures in life, his eye for alternatives (bees buzzing by? Have to be time to rig up a “little black rain cloud”), and his light, supportive nature.

ISFPs are sometimes described as inventive and inner-directed, and Pooh, in his personal laid-back manner, is somebody who marches to the beat of his personal drum….er…honey pot. He loves his associates as they’re, and by no means reprimands them or tries to get them to suit into something that isn’t authentically them. For him, dwelling his finest life is having fun with a peaceful, sunny day and a jar of honey and letting everybody be as they’re, having fun with all of them the identical. It’s this easy-going, warm-hearted demeanor that makes him the proper foil to the extra animated characters like Tigger.

Pooh can be a inventive bear. Whereas the flicks don’t showcase this as a lot, within the tales, Pooh is usually discovered making an attempt to give you poems about issues he loves on the planet round him. For instance, in “Home at Pooh Nook,” Pooh asks Piglet for his opinion on a poem. When Piglet objects to a selected phrase, Pooh offers perception into his inventive course of, explaining that the phrase “wished to return, so I let it.” This means an natural, instinctive method to creativity, the place he permits concepts and emotions to naturally stream and take their very own course. His clarification, “It’s one of the simplest ways to put in writing poetry, letting issues come,” encapsulates a perspective that many ISFPs would establish with.

After which there’s Pooh’s coronary heart of gold. Pooh comes up with inventive methods to indicate his love for others. Whether or not he’s serving to Piglet overcome his fears, checking in on Eeyore, or trying to curb Tigger’s exuberance (a troublesome job, even for a bear with little or no mind). His heat and concern come from an inherent want to hunt out his associates and guarantee their well-being.

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Tigger – ESTP

ESTP Tigger

“The beauty of Tiggers, is Tiggers are an exquisite factor!” – Tigger

And now, we bounce (as a result of that’s what Tiggers do finest) over to the boisterous, energetic, and ever-optimistic Tigger. Now, if Tigger had been an individual, he’d be that pal who calls you at 3 AM with a brand new enterprise thought involving inflatable dartboards, satisfied that it’s the subsequent huge factor. He’s all about dwelling within the second, discovering alternatives, and creating adventures. In different phrases, Tigger is a strolling, speaking, bouncing embodiment of the ESTP persona kind – “Daredevil”.

ESTPs are recognized for his or her boundless vitality, their love of the here-and-now, and their ‘leap earlier than they appear’ lifestyle. Tigger isn’t any exception. He’s the Hundred Acre Wooden’s resident thrill-seeker, all the time on the transfer and all the time prepared for an journey. Whether or not it’s bouncing his manner into Rabbit’s rigorously tended backyard or “un-bouncing” Pooh, Tigger lives within the second and brings an infectious enthusiasm to every part he does.

However regardless of his chaotic nature, there’s one thing endearing about Tigger. He’s pleasant, he’s vivacious, and he’s obtained a coronary heart as huge as his bounce. Positive, he may upend your neatly organized picnic with an impromptu recreation of stickball, however he’d even be the primary one to dive right into a thorn bush to retrieve a misplaced balloon. It’s this mix of impulsivity and real look after others that makes Tigger each a traditional ESTP and a beloved character.

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Rabbit – ESTJ

ESTJ Rabbit

“There’s all the time a logical clarification.” – Rabbit

Ah, Rabbit. The man you’d need as your accountant, however perhaps not your occasion planner. Pragmatic, meticulous, and a stickler for guidelines and order, Rabbit is each bit the ESTJ – the “Captain.” He’s the one you’ll discover devising detailed plans to rescue honey for Pooh, or organizing an “un-bounce” intervention for Tigger. You realize, sensible stuff. The form of stuff that makes the Hundred Acre Wooden go spherical, even when it does sometimes suck the enjoyable out of bounce.

Rabbit’s so dedicated to his logical explanations and orderly world, he even busts out a music about it. It’s catchy, it’s obtained beat, and you may plan to it. Excellent for all these orderly varieties who take pleasure in spreadsheet or a color-coded calendar. Rabbit’s the man who’d manage your sock drawer for enjoyable after which make a pie chart in regards to the share of argyle versus stripes.

And in the case of the knowledge Rabbit trusts, he’s actually not an intuitive kind. He trusts information, life expertise, and proof. Simply take a look at these lyrics in “If It Says So”:

“A map just isn’t a guess
An estimation or a hunch
A sense or a silly instinct

A map is a reliable
Unwavering, inarguably correct
Portrayer, of your place”

Like a veritable backyard of motive in a forest of frivolity, Rabbit offers the stability that the Hundred Acre Wooden wants. Positive, his perfectionistic tendencies and inflexible method can ruffle feathers (or fluff, because the case could also be). And sure, he won’t respect the “joys” of an sudden Tigger bounce or a Pooh-induced honey disaster. In actual fact, he may even get a little bit cranky about it. However in the case of holding the Hundred Acre Wooden working like a well-oiled, honey-fueled machine, you possibly can’t beat Rabbit. Simply bear in mind: in the event you’re going to go to, you should definitely knock first.

Eeyore – ISTJ

ISTJ Eeyore

“Most certainly lose it once more, anyway.” – Eeyore

And now, onto the Hundred Acre Wooden’s resident party-pooper, the cloud of gloom that’s all the time obtained rain on his parade – sure, associates, we’re speaking about Eeyore. Together with his signature gloomy voice and catchphrase, “Thanks for noticin’ me,” it’s clear Eeyore isn’t precisely the lifetime of the occasion. He’s as predictable as they arrive, an ISTJ caught in a Si/Fi loop. Now, what does that imply, you ask? Effectively, don’t fear, I’m right here to clarify it in a manner that even Pooh can perceive.

On the planet of persona, a Si/Fi loop refers to an ISTJ’s tendency to get caught in their very own head, obsessing over previous experiences (Si) and their very own values and emotions (Fi). They have an inclination to dismiss exterior information or prospects (Te and Ne), which may result in a considerably pessimistic outlook. In Eeyore’s case, this manifests as a relentless state of anticipating the worst. Bear in mind how he makes that very same gloomy stick home, day in and day trip, totally anticipating it to fall down once more? And the way he by no means thinks something will change? Traditional ISTJ loop.

Eeyore’s practicality and predictability are about as comforting as a heat blanket on a chilly day… if that blanket was soggy and the day was Tuesday (as a result of let’s face it, Tuesday’s nobody’s favourite day). He’s obtained his each day routine right down to a science, full with thistle meals and his favourite brooding spot. And he’s not one for sugarcoating issues, oh no. In actual fact, he’d in all probability argue that sugarcoating is kind of impractical. “This writing enterprise. Pencils and what-not. Over-rated, in the event you ask me. Foolish stuff. Nothing in it.” Oh Eeyore, by no means change.

Piglet – ISFJ

ISFJ Piglet

“It’s arduous to be courageous whenever you’re solely a Very Small Animal.” – Piglet

Let’s timidly and gently meet our expensive pal Piglet, an ISFJ, or in layman’s phrases – the “Protector.” Nevertheless, he isn’t simply any run-of-the-mill ISFJ! He’s obtained an Enneagram 6 combined into his persona stew, including an additional facet of hysteria to his already worry-laden persona.

Being an ISFJ, Piglet loves his alone time, his routine, and his order. He’s obtained a haycorn assortment that may make a squirrel envious, and he’s obtained the artwork of leaf-sweeping down pat. It’s clear all through the books and flicks that Piglet enjoys his quiet instances tending to his small residence in the midst of a beech tree.

However… let’s speak about that Enneagram 6, we could? It’s like Piglet swallowed a fear stone and it obtained caught someplace between his coronary heart and his abdomen. This animal worries about every part! “Supposing a tree fell down, Pooh, after we had been beneath it?””Supposing it didn’t,” mentioned Pooh after cautious thought. This quote from the books is only one of many the place Piglet will get caught imagining worst-case eventualities. ISFJs which can be confused (in addition to Enneagram Sixes) usually get caught in catastrophizing and imagining all of the issues that would go fallacious, and Piglet is an efficient instance of that.

Regardless of his anxious tendencies, Piglet’s obtained the center of a lion hiding inside that tiny body of his. When push involves shove, he’s proper there within the thick of issues, serving to his associates in any manner he can, as a result of that’s what ISFJs do – they assist. Even when his contribution is small, he takes pleasure in it. His heat, friendliness, and loyalty make him a valued member of the Hundred Acre Wooden, and we wouldn’t have it every other manner.

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Roo – ESFP or ENFP


“Is {that a} rock?” – Kanga
Effectively, we had been all out of eggs!” – Roo

Now let’s transfer on to Roo, our bouncy, peppy, full-of-life bundle of vitality. One factor’s for certain: he’s not an introvert. This little man is “E” all the way in which – Extroverted even by kangaroo requirements. Now, is he an ESFP (“Champion”) or an ENFP (“Visionary”)? Effectively, that’s a more durable query.

Roo’s is clearly a Feeling kind. He honors his values and feelings. Bear in mind when he stood as much as the whole Hundred Acre Wooden gang to guard Lumpy? Now that’s a traditional “I understand how I really feel and you may’t persuade me in any other case” second. He places his associates first, sings a music about how friendship is his favourite factor about Easter, and reveals a transparent choice for the world of values and emotions over the world of chilly, arduous logic and information.

Now, onto the nice Sensor vs. Intuitive debate. Does Roo stay within the second? Completely. Does he extrapolate prospects in regards to the future? Sure! However we will’t actually see for certain which choice has the upper-hand with Roo within the books and flicks. There might be argument for both ESFP or ENFP; however not adequate primarily based on the little information there’s about his character.

Lastly, let’s speak about that “P” for Notion. If spontaneity was an Olympic sport, Roo could be the reigning gold medalist. He strikes quick, thinks shortly, and enjoys a change in plans – particularly if there’s an journey concerned!

Gopher – ISTP

ISTP Gopher

“I ain’t within the guide, however I’m at your service!” – Gopher

Now, let’s tunnel our strategy to Gopher, the Hundred Acre Wooden’s resident… properly, gopher. Our useful, whistle-speaking, dynamite-loving pal right here is an ISTP, or “Vigilante”. He’s all in regards to the hands-on method (paws-on in his case), which is fairly evident in his tunneling obsession.

Gopher is a problem-solver, sensible, and likes to ‘blow issues up’. Discovering an answer to the issue, and quick, is Gopher’s recreation. He’s the MacGyver of the Hundred Acre Wooden, all the time armed with the fitting instrument for the job. You bear in mind the time he tried to repair Rabbit’s residence with a stick of dynamite? That’s an ISTP transfer, albeit a questionable one.

And let’s not overlook about his independence. ISTPs worth their private area, one thing Gopher can relate to. His tunnels are his sanctuary, and he prefers to work alone. ISTPs are additionally recognized for his or her ‘stay and let stay’ perspective, and Gopher embodies this to a T. He’s not one to meddle in others’ affairs, and he expects the identical in return.

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Kanga – ESFJ

ESFJ Kanga

Now it occurred that Kanga had felt slightly motherly that morning, and Eager to Rely Issues — like Roo’s vests, and what number of items of cleaning soap there have been left, and the 2 clear spots in Tigger’s feeder. – A.A. Milne

Lets jump over to somebody who’s the epitome of maternal heat and nurturing within the Hundred Acre Wooden? Sure, let’s meet Kanga, or as I prefer to name her, the “Mom Hen of the Forest.” She’s an ESFJ, also called the “Defender”.

Kanga, along with her caring and heat persona, is all the time looking for everybody within the Hundred Acre Wooden, particularly her little roo, Roo. She upholds the values of concord and peace amongst her associates and barely indulges in battle. When Tigger’s bouncing will get out of hand, she is aware of easy methods to gently scold and in addition shortly forgive. Her focus is all the time on the current and what must be accomplished – be it organizing a picnic, taking care of a sick pal, or ensuring Roo is well-fed and clear.

From her love for routine to her nurturing persona, Kanga actually embodies the ESFJ persona kind. Her presence brings a way of construction and heat to the Hundred Acre Wooden, making her a valued member of this eclectic group of associates.

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Owl – INTP


“It’s simply the form of place,” he defined, “for an Ambush.””What kind of bush?” whispered Pooh to Piglet. “A gorse-bush?””My expensive Pooh,” mentioned Owl in his superior manner, “don’t you understand what an Ambush is?””Owl,” mentioned Piglet, trying spherical at him severely, “Pooh’s whisper was a wonderfully personal whisper, and there was no want -” “An Ambush,” mentioned Owl, “is a form of Shock.”

So, let’s speak about Owl, we could? This feathered scholar of the Hundred Acre Wooden is an INTP; the “Prodigy” persona kind. Now, Owl is a primary instance of what occurs to an INTP after they enter what is named a Ti-Si loop. You could be considering, “What on the planet is that?” Permit me to clarify.

On the planet of Myers-Briggs®, everybody has a stack of cognitive features that decide their persona kind. For our pal Owl, his major operate is introverted considering (Ti), which is all about analyzing and understanding the world in depth. His third operate is introverted sensing (Si), which is about remembering and valuing the previous. When an INTP will get caught looping between these two features, they will grow to be overly centered on their interior world and their previous experiences, to the purpose of, properly… rambling on or getting caught in a rut.

And boy, does Owl prefer to ramble on! Repeatedly, Owl’s associates get caught in his home listening to his unending tales of his family. He can get so caught up in his personal ideas and reminiscences that he forgets to think about the views of the opposite characters. I’m certain sooner or later even the honey pots had been like, “Alright, Owl, wrap it up!”

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Lumpy – ENFP

ENFP Lumpy

“You may catch me. I’m a heffalump.” – Lumpy

And now, we flip our consideration to the youngest member of our Hundred Acre Wooden gang, Lumpy. This little heffalump showcases a number of the finest qualities of the ENFP. Lumpy’s joie de vivre and spontaneity are the emblems of an ENFP. His playful nature shines via each interplay he has, comparable to when he’s swept up in a recreation of “seize the heffalump” with Roo. Reasonably than seeing the state of affairs as a risk, Lumpy enthusiastically dives into the sport, turning the idea of seize into an imaginative journey.

His fast adoption of the sport and his means to make every part in life a enjoyable expertise mirror the adaptability typical of the ENFP persona kind. This means to deliver pleasure and enjoyable to any state of affairs is a trademark of ENFPs, as is their spontaneity. You see, for Lumpy, life is an limitless journey, stuffed with prospects ready to be explored. Each second is a brand new alternative to play, to think about, and to expertise pleasure.

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What Are Your Ideas?

Alright associates, that’s a wrap on our stroll via the Hundred Acre Wooden, exploring the personalities of our beloved Pooh characters. However that is simply my perspective. Do you agree with these persona typings? Or do you’ve gotten a distinct tackle it? Possibly you see Owl as extra of an INTJ, or maybe you imagine Gopher has a contact of the ENTJ in him? Drop your ideas and debates within the feedback under.