This is the Legendary Creature You’d Be, Based mostly On Your Myers-Briggs® Character Sort

I’ve all the time liked exploring tales from the previous. From Celtic legends to Greek mythology, creatures and deities fill our imaginations with tales of bravery, marvel, and energy. As a little bit of enjoyable, I made a decision to give you an inventory of 16 legendary creatures and their corresponding Myers-Briggs® persona sorts. Let’s get began!

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The Legendary Creature You’d Be, Based mostly On Your Myers-Briggs® Character Sort

ENFP – Mermaid or Merman

ENFP mythical creature is the mermaid or merman #ENFP

“I have to be a mermaid, Rango. I’ve no worry of depths and an amazing worry of shallow dwelling.” – Anais Nin

Romantic and imaginative, mermaids all through fairy tales and legends have been uncompromising beacons of freedom. They’re seen as symbols of limitless potential, providing the potential of a life filled with exploration and journey. Very similar to ENFPs, mermaids are free-spirited and carefree, dwelling their lives by their very own algorithm. They crave the liberty of the ocean and refuse to adapt to exterior pressures and agendas. And like ENFPs, they maintain to their values and can bend them for nobody.

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ENTP – Anansi the Spider

ENTP mythical creature is Anansi the Spider #ENTP

“Dying has by no means caught Anansi the Spider. That’s the reason there are Anansi tales to at the present time. While you see spider webs on the ceiling it belongs to Anansi. He’s nonetheless attempting to get away from Dying.” – Ghanaian folktale

Anansi the Spider is a vital creature from Akan folklore. The truth is, he is without doubt one of the most necessary characters in West African and West Indian mythology. Intelligent and crafty, Anansi outsmarts his opponents and makes his manner out of adverse conditions with logic and fast wit. Anansi the spider finally grew to become an iconic image of slave resistance, inspiring slaves who needed to flee their captors. The tales of Anansi the spider have been handed down from Africans to their kids, as a manner of sustaining a connection to African tradition and provoking them to be sturdy. I selected Anansi the spider for ENTPs as a result of, like Anansi, ENTPs are artistic and crafty. In chaotic conditions the place others’ may lose their heads, ENTPs can normally be counted upon to give you artistic options and ingenious concepts. They don’t thoughts a little bit of chaos and so they can preserve their wits about them when life will get unpredictable.

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INFP – Pegasus

INFP mythical creature is Pegasus #INFP

“Upon getting tasted flight, you’ll without end stroll the earth together with your eyes turned skyward, for there you will have been, and there you’ll all the time lengthy to return.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Pegasus is an iconic image of freedom, braveness, energy, and sweetness. Born from Poseidon’s neck and the blood of Medusa, Pegasus was a maginficent white horse with wings that allowed him to fly. He might journey to nice heights and got here to represent divine inspiration or the journey to heaven. Noble-hearted and mild, Pegasus helped these in peril and used his energy and braveness to avoid wasting lives. Like Pegasus, INFPs are mild creatures with huge hearts and brave spirits. Their creativeness is aware of no limits, and so they usually take off on flights of fancy with their passionate minds. They’re impressed by magnificence and kindness, and search to create a extra stunning world by their artistic spirits.

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INTP – Cecaelia

INTP mythical creature, Cecaelia #INTP
Artwork credit score to MelTheoIsntLive

“There is just one factor for it then — to be taught. Be taught why the world wags and what wags it. That’s the solely factor which the thoughts can by no means exhaust, by no means alienate, by no means be tortured by, by no means worry or mistrust, and by no means dream of regretting. Studying is the one factor for you.” – T.H. White

If any a legendary creature embodied curiosity it could be the Cecaelia. Half-human and half-octopus, these creatures have been recognized to have an insatiable thirst for data and a deep fascination with the unknown. Cecaelia hail from Asian and Native American folklore, and symbolize the need for exploration and data. They’re usually depicted as being smart and mysterious, spending time of their underwater properties pondering the secrets and techniques of the universe. Very similar to INTPs, Cecaelia use logic and cause to make sense of their world. Whereas they might be quiet and unassuming, their mental prowess and pure curiosity is usually unmatched.

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ENFJ – Unicorn

ENFJ mythical creature, the Unicorn #ENFJ

“The tales of unicorns are buried below fantasy, legend and magic however do you know that they can not survive in a spot the place Love, Reality and Freedom refuse to exist?” – Reena Doss

The Unicorn is maybe essentially the most romantic of all legendary creatures. These one-horned magical horses have been seen as symbols of therapeutic, innocence, and energy in Historic Greek mythology. They’re mild, form, loyal, and fiercely protecting of these they love. Unicorns have a deep connection to nature and the non secular realm – they will sense hazard and hidden truths and are sometimes the voice of instinct in tales. Like Unicorns, ENFJs have a deep connection to the intuitive or summary sides of life. They use their knowledge and perception into human nature to convey peace and concord to these round them. In mythology, unicorns pushed mortals to realize their final goals in life. ENFJs, usually referred to as “the mentors”, additionally assist others to comprehend their potential and attempt for his or her highest targets.

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ENTJ – The Celtic Dragon

ENTJ mythical creature, the Celtic dragon. #ENTJ

“No, I might not need to stay in a world with out dragons, as I might not need to stay in a world with out magic, for that may be a world with out thriller, and that may be a world with out religion.” – R.A. Salvatore

These highly effective creatures are revered and feared in equal measure. They signify the deep knowledge of the ancients and a connection to an historical energy, able to each destruction and safety. Many consider that Celtic dragons signify knowledge, authority, triumph, and energy. Like Celtic dragons, ENTJs are naturally formidable and have a tendency to hunt energy through climbing the company ladder or embarking on an entrepreneurial endeavor. They’re motivated by success, progress and enchancment. And like dragons, ENTJs can use their pure skills for good or unhealthy. They could manage a non-profit to learn the group or they might use their affect to additional their very own extra egocentric agendas. Both manner, ENTJs are sometimes a drive to be reckoned with. And just like the dragon, ENTJs lengthy for knowledge and data. As Intuitive-Thinkers, understanding the large image ideas of life and having the ability to apply them virtually are deeply satisfying targets.

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INFJ – Qilin

The INFJ mythical creature is the Qilin. #INFJ
Artwork credit score to MelTheoIsntLive

“Observe listening to your instinct, your inside voice; ask questions; be curious; see what you see; hear what you hear; after which act upon what you recognize to be true. These intuitive powers got to your soul at beginning.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estés

The Qilin, or Chinese language unicorn, was believed to predict the longer term. This pleasant and perceptive creature had perception and instinct about how issues would unfold, and even was believed to have foretold the demise of Confucius. INFJs additionally share a powerful reference to their instinct – they usually belief it greater than the rest. They discover patterns, spot ripple-effects, and might usually sense how others’ are feeling with out having to be expressly advised. Just like the Qilin, INFJs are recognized for his or her friendliness and heat in addition to their mild disposition. They’re usually seen because the peacemakers and mediators, bringing concord to conditions. And whereas INFJs might seem as passive observers, they are often extremely highly effective – utilizing their perception to convey understanding the place it might have been missing.

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INTJ – Chiron

The INTJ mythical creature is the Chiron #INTJ

“Any idiot can know. The purpose is to grasp.” – Albert Einstein

Whereas many centaurs have been believed to be violent and rowdy, Chiron was the exception. He was recognized for his knowledge, data, and therapeutic powers. He used his expertise and understanding to mentor lots of Greek mythology’s most iconic figures – Hercules, Achilles, Jason and extra. Chiron had a deep understanding of the world round him and noticed from a big-picture perspective, one thing that INTJs additionally attempt for. INTJs even have a pure capacity to grasp and course of advanced ideas deeply and shortly. At their finest, they’re seen as affected person and smart sages – understanding how all the items match collectively, whereas others battle to see all the image. In the end, INTJs can use their knowledge and instinct to assist others round them attain their full potential.

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ESFP – Pixie

The ESFP mythical creature is the Pixie

“When you find yourself joyful, once you say sure to life and have enjoyable and undertaking positivity throughout you, you turn out to be a solar within the heart of each constellation, and other people need to be close to you.” – Shannon L. Alder

Pixies are recognized for his or her happy-go-lucky and playful attitudes. Woodland events have been their specialty – they’d keep up all night time lengthy, enjoying video games, dancing and wrestling. Their zest for all times is one thing that ESFPs additionally share – they get pleasure from dwelling within the second and embracing all of life’s choices. Like pixies, they usually have the benefit of being surrounded by others, connecting with individuals, and creating enjoyable experiences. In the end, ESFPs can use their pure enthusiasm and creativity to convey pleasure and lightweight into the world round them.

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ESTP – Phoenix

The ESTP mythical creature is the Phoenix

“What issues most is how nicely you stroll by the hearth.” — Charles Bukowski

The Phoenix is a legendary creature that’s born many times from the ashes of its former self. This timeless image of regeneration has been used to signify hope, renewal and overcoming adversity. I selected ESTPs for this legendary creature as a result of they’re usually resilient within the face of problem, bouncing again shortly and tackling no matter comes their manner. With their pure curiosity and sharp wit, ESTPs are problem-solvers who don’t shrink back from hazard or chaos. They don’t seem to be simply deterred and use their adaptability and resourcefulness to take advantage of out of every day, as if it’s a complete new lifetime. In the end, ESTPs have the flexibility to return out stronger than ever even in essentially the most attempting of occasions.

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ISFP – Elf

The ISFP mythical creature is the elf #ISFP

“We don’t want merely to see magnificence… we would like one thing else which may hardly be put into words- to be united with the sweetness we see, to move into it, to obtain it into ourselves, to wash in it, to turn out to be a part of it. That’s the reason we’ve peopled air and earth and water with gods and goddesses, and nymphs and elves.” – C.S. Lewis

Elves are mythological creatures recognized for his or her magnificence and connection to nature. They’ve a powerful appreciation for the pure world, usually dwelling in concord with its wonders. ISFPs additionally share this ardour – they discover the sweetness and inspiration in all the things round them. Like elves, ISFPs usually get pleasure from discovering solace in nature permitting them to attach with the world in a deeper manner and keep in contact with their inside selves. ISFPs can use this connection to faucet into their creativity and draw from their sensitivity to create one thing stunning for the world round them.

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ISTP – Cyclops

The ISTP mythical creature is the Cyclops. #ISTP
Artwork credit score to MelTheoIsntLive

“There’s something deeply satisfying in shaping one thing together with your palms. Correct artificing is sort of a track made strong. It’s an act of creation.” – Patrick Rothfuss

Cyclops was a solitary determine that was gifted with immense energy and intelligence. He was a grasp of workmanship and will create unbelievable objects from on a regular basis supplies. For Zeus, he created thunderbolts, for Hades he created a helmet that might flip invisible, and for Poseidon, he created the notorious trident. Cyclops was somebody who defied conference and refused to stay in line with authorities guidelines. He believed in making his personal manner in life, which is one thing that ISTPs can relate to. Just like the Cyclops, they’re impartial thinkers and like to make use of their logical minds and hands-on strategy to search out options on their very own. They usually attempt for excellence of their work, determining all of the bits and items of how issues are made. For some ISTPs this revolutionary creativity reveals up in craftsmanship, for others it reveals up in problem-solving. In any case, they use their ingenuity and practicality to make the world a greater place.

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The ESFJ – Chinese language Dragon

The ESFJ mythical creature is the Chinese dragon

“Not one of the animals is so smart because the dragon. His blessing energy will not be a false one. He will be smaller than small, greater than huge, increased than excessive, and decrease than low.” – Lu Dian, Chinese language Scholar

Chinese language dragons are distinctive in that they weren’t thought of harmful or sinister like dragons in different cultures. As a substitute, they symbolized benevolence, good luck, and therapeutic. They have been additionally rain deities that have been meant to foster concord. The Chinese language dragon is usually seen as a mild but highly effective drive that guards over the individuals it encounters. ESFJs at their finest are additionally benevolent, giving, and protecting. They get pleasure from caring for individuals and have a sensible, down-to-earth high quality that’s comforting to individuals who have misplaced their manner. Like Chinese language dragons, ESFJs have the flexibility to climate storms and stay by your facet it doesn’t matter what life throws at them.

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The ESTJ – Aqrabuamelu

The ESTJ mythical creature is the Aqrabuamelu
Artwork credit score to MelTheoIsntLive

“You could stay persistently dedicated to your particular course with sturdy will of dedication of diligence to divine obligation.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

The final word guardian, Aqrabuamelu was created to wage conflict towards the gods. These scorpioned males hail from Akkadian myths and the Babylonian model of Epic of Gilgamesh. They have been created by Tiamat, the goddess of the ocean, to be able to stand guard exterior the gates of Samash (the solar god’s) mountains. These fierce however protecting beings would warn others of the hazards of coming into the gods’ realm, but when somebody dared cross their threshold they might put up a struggle. Sturdy-willed, opinionated, and accountable, the Aqrabuamelu have been fiercely dedicated to what they believed in and weren’t afraid to do exhausting issues. ESTJs additionally worth accountability, and don’t thoughts combating for the issues that matter to them. Just like the Aqrabuamelu, they are usually opinionated and strong-willed, decisively main the best way for others to comply with. And if betrayed, ESTJs can be a drive to be reckoned with.

The ISFJ – Ghillie Dhu

The ISFJ mythical creature is the Ghillie Dhu #ISFJ
Artwork credit score to MelTheoIsntLive

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the entire world round you as a result of the best secrets and techniques are all the time hidden in essentially the most unlikely locations. Those that don’t consider in magic won’t ever discover it.” – Roald Dahl

Ghillie Dhu was a mild, nature-loving elf in Scottish folklore who dwelled within the forest. He was recognized for his form but timid nature, and for guiding misplaced kids discover their manner house from deep within the forest. ISFJs embody Ghillie Dhu’s nurturing and protecting spirit, as they too are devoted protectors of their family members. They take nice pleasure in taking care of the individuals of their lives, doing no matter they will to maintain them protected and safe. ISFJs have a mild high quality that offers them the flexibility to assuage and luxury others in occasions of misery. And just like the Ghillie Dhu, ISFJs have a love of nature and the outside that helps them admire the great thing about the world round them.

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The ISTJ – Komainu

The ISTJ mythical creature is the Komainu

“The devoted man perceives nothing lower than alternative in difficulties. Flowing by his backbone, religion and braveness work collectively: Such a person doesn’t worry shedding his life, thus he’ll threat shedding it at occasions to be able to empower it. By this he truly values his life greater than the person who fears shedding his life. It’s very like leaping from a window to be able to keep away from a hearth but in that the majority essential second understanding that God will seem to catch you.” – Criss Jami

Komainu, also called lion-dogs, are a pair of legendary creatures in Japanese folklore that guard the doorway to shrines and temples. These fierce guardians have been revered for hundreds of years for his or her unwavering loyalty and dedication to defending sacred locations. ISTJs embody this identical sense of obligation and accountability. They take their commitments significantly and are reliable, pragmatic, and dependable. On the identical time, ISTJs is not going to “endure fools” and are obsessed with standing up for what is correct. Whereas they might seem stoic and reserved, there’s a quiet energy and energy to ISTJs that enables them to courageously defend their beliefs. Similar to the Komainu, as soon as they’ve chosen a plan of action nothing will cease them of their mission.

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